Brotherly Loves Academy Team is an elite offering for players that want to challenge themselves with top coaching and talent from other Philly based families. The Academy Team is compromised primarily of professional coaches with elite backgrounds, there is no "Daddy Ball" on the Academy. The Academy program starts in 4th grade and we strive to field a Philadelphia based team that can compete with National Teams in the most exclusive tournaments. We do not consider ourselves a National Team, just call us Philly Special. We take approximately 40 players from each grade and provide all 40 players with the same exact coaching staff and opportunities in practice and mini-camps. We formulate a depth chart that provides honest feedback to our players and encourages them to work on those areas that need improvement. There is no AA, A, B Teams on our Academy. All 40 players get the same practices, clinics, and mini-camp opportunities to grow their game.

National Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mini-camp and practice?

What is the Academy Depth Chart?

Who will formulate the depth chart?

How many times will the depth chart be updated in a season?

How will the depth chart be published?

What if my son is last on the depth chart in his position?

How will the depth chart impact tournaments?

If my son is not in the top 18 will he play any games?

How will playing time be determined for the Travel Team?